AS9100 RevD Certified Excellence
Your Vision, Our Precision

Unparalleled Precision, Timely Excellence
From minute components the size of sim card substantial 1m-long parts with just 5-micron accuracy, we accommodate diverse manufacturing needs.
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Gain the Competitive Edge with Cloudwave’s CNC Machining
Our fleet of 25+ CNC machines offers flexibility, catering to various complexities, sizes, and price points as per our customers' requirements.
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Customized approach for prototype and production orders

One-on-one support service Response within 12 hours

In-house machine shop, 24/7 operations, Quick turnaround

Tight tolerance ±0.05mm Surface roughness Ra0.2μm

ISO 9001 Certified 100% part inspection

On Demand CNC Machining Service

// CNC Milling

Employing rotating cutting tools, our subtractive technique expertly shapes materials with precision. Ideal for various industries seeking accuracy in components and mold fabrication. 


CNC turning involves a high-speed rotating workpiece meeting a cutter to shape round or tubular forms. This process creates intricate external shapes, internal holes, and diverse threads with precision. 

// 5-Axis Machining

Our 5-axis CNC machines optimizes multi-sided part processing in a single setup, enhancing machine utilization, minimizing setups, and bolstering quality. This capability amplifies our CNC shop’s cost-effectiveness across diverse projects. 

// Precision Machining

Targeting tight tolerances of ±0.0005″ or finer? Our advanced CNC technology, skilled team, and rigorous inspection ensure flawless precision and repeatability, even for intricate parts. We’re dedicated to surpassing customer expectations with unmatched CNC machining excellence.

Cloudwave thrives on top-notch quality and extensive machining capabilities, backed by continual investments for competitiveness and rapid lead times.

Explore our extensive CNC machining capabilities, encompassing milling, turning, drilling, tapping, EDM, and wire EDM across various materials. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, our professional expertise, backed by advanced CNC machines, guarantees precision and perfection in every part, right from the start.