AS9100 RevD Certified Excellence
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Advancing Industries, One Precision Step at a Time
Our adept team orchestrates the entire production cycle, from tooling setup to meticulous final inspection, ensuring each part adheres to rigorous quality benchmarks.
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Unleashing the Potential of Manufacturing
Our process prioritizes uniformity and quality, yielding components that seamlessly integrate into larger assemblies, streamlining manufacturing workflows.
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// Stamping

Our robust Power Presses, ranging from 25T to 200T, harness their prowess to shape intricate components from an array of metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Integration of an advanced material feeder into our Power Presses, eradicates manual interventions. This leap in automation enhances efficiency, eliminates errors, and boosts overall productivity.

// Deburring

Deburring in stamping is a crucial post-processing step that involves the removal of sharp edges, burrs, and excess material from stamped parts to enhance the part’s safety, functionality, and aesthetics. Utilizing advanced equipment and techniques, Cloudwave ensures precise deburring to meet stringent quality standards and deliver optimal performance for various industrial applications.

Our Stamping Parts and Power Press capabilities epitomize technical prowess, poised to meet the demands of modern manufacturing.

Experience the zenith of manufacturing excellence with Cloudwave Technologies.